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Online service, unique experience and beautiful dresses.


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“I was born and raised in the holy city of Jerusalem. My love for fashion started at the young age of three when I began dressing my barbies and adjusting their outfits to fit my own personal style. After having a studio in Tel Aviv and selling world wide wedding dresses I started to spend few months of the year in the tropical surfing beach of Nosara Costa Rica.
In 2019 I moved with my husband and our son to live our dream life on the beach in Costa Rica. Today I live and breathe art fashion, and design by bringing to life my very own creations”
-Yasmine Layani.-
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Custom Made
Custom made
You can choose a dress from our collections or we can design a dress together. Every garment we create is customized especially for your body and style. We will make your fantasy come alive!
All of our fabrics are extremely high quality fibers. We use the best laces and silks available. We offer a wide range of designs and colors. All of our dresses are handmade in our Nosara studio.
Consultation and advice
Consultation and advice
Our online service allows us to create and design our dresses for clients from all over the world. Through digital platforms, scheduled appointments and tips, we are able to bring our client's dreams to life.
Yasmine has created hundreds of wedding dresses for her clients. She is an expert on building the right dress with the perfect fit, using unique, high quality fabrics and finishes.
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In this magical moment in your life we are here to listen to you and create something beautiful together.
Each collection is designed for the powerful and unique woman. Our online service allows us to work in a personalized and close way with each of our clients. Together with Yasmine you can customize the dress that you like the most and adjust it to your body. Each piece that is developed has the personal touch of each of our clients. A unique dress for a unique woman.
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